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Bank Black List Inquiry

First of all, if you work with banks , you should keep in mind that you have to pay all your debts on a regular basis . If you do not pay for the products that you use (Loans, Credit Cards, Deposit Accounts) on the day and show irregular payment performance, your bank registry will start to deteriorate. In the continuation of such transactions, even if your bank debts fall into legal proceedings, the blacklist transaction will be started completely. If your debts fall under legal follow-up and you continue to refuse payment, you will be blacklisted. People can also call it a red pen . So how can I find out if I am on the black list? Bank Blacklist inquiry how to do?

Payment performance


Your payment performance and all bank product usage details are recorded by the Central Bank . When this happens, payment negativities will also be recorded by the Central Bank , and the banks you are having problems with and all other banks will see this black list status . Therefore, you must make regular payments and make an effort not to be blacklisted. If you fall into the black list, it will take years to stay under this situation. Blacklist status is not as simple as it seems. As the records kept by the Central Bank will be transferred to all banks with the Good Finance system , all banks will see your entire registry.

How can I learn on the black list?



First of all , let’s say there are multiple ways to find out if you’re on the black list . For example, you can tell if you are on the black list by applying for a bank . Your application will be rejected immediately without even prior approval. If you suspect that you are on the black list, you can go to the nearest bank and talk to the bank’s employees, find out your credit rating and the status of your credit record. The bank employee will also see if you are on the blacklist. This is the simplest and free way to learn. Another method is Good Finance, a system where our credit ratings are recorded and shared with all banks. If you are not familiar with Good Finance , you can read our article What is Good Finance .

Blacklist inquiry with Good Finance system: If you use a credit card with a payment of 8 TL you can query your 5-year history with banks through Good . You can find your image in the last 5 years at banks through Good Finance and apply to one of the free blacklist inquiry methods. You can also learn your credit rating through this process .

How can I unsubscribe?

How can I unsubscribe?


If you want to get out of the black list quickly, first you have to close all your debts that cause you to fall into this situation . If you have debts from the past, you should not forget that you cannot leave the black list without resetting them. You will be under constant monitoring of the banks before these debts, which cause you to enter the black list, are completely closed . If your debts fall to the lawyer, you can quickly contact your lawyers and pay your debts. In spite of all your efforts, if you cannot get out of the black list , you can have detailed information by reading our article on the banks that give credit to those on the black list .

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